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저자명 구분 논문제목 ISSN IF 발행일자
조경욱 SCIE Treatment Outcomes of Cavitary Nodular Bronchiectatic-Type Mycobacterium avium Complex Pulmonary Disease 0066-4804 5.938 2022-09-20
조재철 SCIE The soluble VCAM-1 level is a potential biomarker predicting severe acute graft versus host disease after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation 1471-2407 3.011 2022-09-20
황신 SCIE Long-Term Patency of All-in-One Sleeve Patch Graft Venoplasty in 16 Patients Who Underwent Living Donor Liver Transplantation with a Right Liver Graft: A 10-Year, Single-Center, Retrospective Study 1425-9524 1.479 2022-09-20
정석훈 SCIE Effect of Cancer-Related Dysfunctional Beliefs About Sleep on Fear of Cancer Progression in the Coronavirus Pandemic 1011-8934 5.354 2022-09-19
김남국 SCIE Efficient Segmentation for Left Atrium With Convolution Neural Network Based on Active Learning in Late Gadolinium Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1011-8934 5.354 2022-09-19
임채만 SCIE Mortality of patients with hospital-onset sepsis in hospitals with all-day and non-all-day rapid response teams: a prospective nationwide multicenter cohort study 1466-609X 4.607 2022-09-16
김송철 SCIE Preoperative data-based deep learning model for predicting postoperative survival in pancreatic cancer patients 1743-9191 13.400 2022-09-15
김형중 SCIE Preoperative data-based deep learning model for predicting postoperative survival in pancreatic cancer patients 1743-9191 13.400 2022-09-15
변정식 SCIE Improved adenoma detection by a novel distal attachment device-assisted colonoscopy: a prospective randomized controlled trial 0016-5107 10.396 2022-09-15
황신 SCIE Diagnostic Role of Tumor Markers for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Liver Transplantation Candidates: An Analysis Using the Korean Organ Transplantation Registry Database 1425-9524 1.479 2022-09-13
장성은 SCIE Association between psoriasis and alopecia areata: A systematic review and meta-analysis. 0385-2407 3.468 2022-09-10
윤태진 SCIE Risk factors for early adverse outcomes after bovine jugular vein conduit implantation: influence of oversized conduit on the outcomes 1569-9293 1.978 2022-09-09
조홍준 SSCI Association Between the Use of Tobacco Products and Food Insecurity Among South Korean Adults 1661-8556 5.100 2022-09-08
홍석찬 SCIE Prognostic factors for the development of systemic lupus erythematosus in patients with immune thrombocytopenia 1478-6354 5.606 2022-09-06
엄대운 SCIE Prognostic implications of immune classification using IDO1 expression in extrahepatic bile duct carcinoma 1792-1074 3.111 2022-09-05
구현우 SCIE Prediction of pulmonary hypertension using central-to-peripheral pulmonary vascular volume ratio on three-dimensional cardiothoracic CT in patients with congenital heart disease 1867-1071 2.701 2022-09-05
최병문 SCIE Predictive performance of pharmacokinetic models for target concentration-controlled infusion of cefoxitin as a prophylactic antibiotic in patients with colorectal surgery 0305-1870 2.963 2022-09-02
이상욱 SCIE Residual intraperitoneal carbon dioxide gas following laparoscopy for adnexal masses: Residual gas volume assessment and postoperative outcome analysis 0025-7974 4.35 2022-09-02
김대희 SCIE Incremental Prognostic Value of Left Ventricular Global Longitudinal Strain in Patients with Preserved Ejection Fraction Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation 0894-7317 7.722 2022-09-01
김소연 SCIE Update on Biliary Cancer Imaging 0033-8389 1.947 2022-09-01